Time keeping and lap counting app for Carrera Go!!! Plus

Available NOW for iOS and Android: make the most out of your Carrera Go!!! Plus slot race track with SmartRace GO Plus. Download the app for your tablet or phone and connect via bluetooth. Includes many cool features!

SmartRace für Carrera Digital

The Features of SmartRace GO Plus

SmartRace GO Plus has many cool features. Besides the ones mentioned below, there are of course even more, for example free practice, qualifyings, races, databases for drivers, cars and tracks and a history with statistics.

Time Keeping

Down to 1/100 seconds.

Lap Counting

You decide how many laps you do.

Voice Overs

With mentioning of driver names.

No Mini Games

No more hassle with forced games.


All lap times and leader changes.


SmartRace GO Plus is made for simple usage and to get you going as fast as possible. Have a look at the main race screen below and use the little icons to learn more about the different sections of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which tablets or phones can I use SmartRace GO Plus?

To be able to run SmartRace GO Plus, you’ll need a tablet or phone with Android (4.3 or newer) or iOS, which supports at least Bluetooth 4.0 (starting from iPad 3/iPhone 4s for iOS devices).

Which types of tracks does SmartRace GO Plus support?

SmartRace GO Plus works exclusively with the Carrera Go!!! Plus system in 1:43 scale. Anyhow, it’s pretty easy to upgrade almost any other 1:43 scale system from Carrera by just adding the Go!!! Plus adapter unit.

Are there versions of SmartRace for other track types or scales?

Sure thing! SmartRace GO Plus is the little brother of SmartRace for Carrera Digital 132/124. If you’d like to learn more about SmartRace, head over to the official SmartRace website.


SmartRace GO Plus ist für iOS und Android verfügbar. Hole es Dir jetzt!