The features of SmartRace GO Plus

SmartRace GO Plus has many different features. Still, you can just go ahead and drive without making many adjustments first. On this page, you’ll get an overview of which features you get with SmartRace GO Plus. If you’re missing something, feel free to propose it over on the support platform.

Community driven - Everyone can suggest new features for future versions of SmartRace GO Plus via the public support platform!
Ambient Sounds - Includes ambient sounds from VLN, Formula 1 and Le Mans aswell as special notification sounds for fastest laps and track records.
Track Records - Your track records are being saved per track and can be deleted one by one if necessary.
Many Statistics - For every race or time trial you can save extensive statistics - including all driven laps with lap times and lead changes.
For tablets and mobile phones - Works on both tablets and mobile phones running iOS (starting from iPad/iPhone 4s) or Android (starting from version 4.3).
Different Driving Modes - Free driving, time trial or race - either time or lap based. No limits to 20 or 30 laps of course. It's up to you!
Databases for drivers and cars - Drivers and cars can be managed with all their data and images - including special statistics.
Voice Overs - Fastest laps, track records, remaining laps and more - SmartRace GO Plus tells you (mentioning your name)!
Social Sharing - Your can share or save results and lap records via Twitter, Facebook and more.
Mirror to TV/Projector - You can mirror SmartRace GO Plus to your TV or projector using AppleTV, ChromeCast or FireTV.