Why SmartRace GO Plus?

Why SmartRace GO Plus?

There is only one alternative to the official manufacturer’s app for Carrera Go!!! Plus, there is only one alternative: SmartRace for Carrera GO Plus. Find out why this alternative is the much better choice in this article.

The Carrera Go!!! Plus system was launched on the market together with an app that initially looked promising: child-friendly design, mini-games and stable, since the manufacturer itself is behind it. In reality, it turns out that the Carrera Go!!! Plus app is very unstable and difficult to use. An average rating of less than 2 out of 5 possible stars on Google Play and only just over 2.5 out of 5 in the iTunes app store underlines this.

No reaction from Carrera/Stadlbauer

Despite strong negative feedback, the manufacturer does not respond to customer feedback and has only released a few updates since the app’s release in 2016, most of them only in connection with added languages. Bug fixes do not take place; instead, negative reviews pile up in which buyers complain about disconnections or other problems with the app’s performance or stability. The fun with the (often brand new) Carrera Go!!! Plus racetrack has fallen by the wayside for many disappointed customers.

SmartRace for Carrera GO Plus is THE alternative to the Carrera app – say the buyers

SmartRace GO Plus is different: the app achieves an average rating of 4.5 on Google Play and an even 5 stars in the iTunes app store. A stable Bluetooth connection, a clear racing screen and the lack of mini-games ensure distraction-free racing fun. The app also uses technologies and mechanisms (for managing drivers, cars and tracks, for example) that have been adopted from the app’s big brother, SmartRace for Carrera Digital, and have been continuously improved for several years. The many different functions (which can even be operated by children), the detailed online instructions and the fast and competent support add to the joy of racing.

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