Drivers, cars and tracks

Create and manage drivers, vehicles and routes

Using the corresponding menu items in the main menu, you can create drivers, vehicles and tracks with name, picture and other data. Statistics are also recorded for each driver and vehicle, such as personal records for all tracks, all laps driven, victories, pole positions, fastest laps and more. Please note that this data is only recorded for races and qualifications that have been saved in the history.

When you have created drivers and cars, you should still assign them to a controller (1 or 2 or blue or red). This is done in the “Assignment” dialogue, which you can call up in the main menu. Entries with a yellow background are currently selected.

You can also create routes. You can determine which route is currently active in the settings. In addition to the self-explanatory data, you can also set a minimum lap time for each track.

This setting serves to prevent invalid lap times. For example, if a driver has an accident shortly after crossing the finish line and then restarts his vehicle shortly before the finish line, the result would be an unrealistically fast lap time. With the minimum lap time you determine which times should be considered invalid. For example, if the track record of your track is 8 seconds, you could enter 6 seconds (6000 milliseconds) here so that all lap times that are less than or equal to 6 seconds are not counted.