Disable pit stops for your Carrera Go!!! Plus track

Disable automatic pit stops on the Carrera Go!!! Plus track

The automatic pit stops cannot be switched off by default. However, there is a “workaround” to switch them off anyway. To do this, you must “fool” the track into thinking that you are driving alone.

To do this, you must do the following:

  • Switch off the track.
  • Remove the red controller from the track.
  • Switch on the track.
  • Start SmartRace GO Plus as usual.
  • Press the red start button in SmartRace GO Plus or directly on the track (status “Preparation” in SmartRace GO Plus is displayed).
  • Press the button again so that the start countdown begins.
  • Re-insert the red control during the countdown.

The pit stops are now switched off. You can tell if it has worked by the fact that the LEDs on the pit stop rail do not light up (if you have installed them).
ATTENTION: As soon as you trigger the countdown again the next time, the pit stops are switched on again.